About Us

Two friends since childhood, David Cram and John Sandstrom had a fascination with chemistry and life sciences. Both independently decided to become pharmacists, received their Doctorate in Pharmacy, and, for many years, practiced as clinical pharmacist providing cutting edge pharmaceutical care to patients and teaching pharmacology to pharmacy, medical and nursing students. David and John both spent a number of years in the pharmaceutical industry and, although found these to be rewarding careers, still felt that there was something missing in their lives.

While in pharmacy school, Dr. Sandstrom always had an interest in the fine art of compounding. His professors instilled the pride of making each compounded treatment with pharmaceutical elegance. Over the years he always looked back at those years of learning and questioned if there was a way to avoid the chemicals that were added to commercially available skin products. He later answered his questions by developing safe dermatological products that are based on traditional pharmacy recipes and natural ingredients.

Today Dr's. Cram and Sandstrom have rejoined their childhood passion with the sophistication and knowledge that years of experience has provided to them. This childhood passion is now driven by developing skin care products that are simple, holistic, and natural to promote health and well being for those who experience the pharmaceutical elegance and rejuvenation of dermApothec.